The Perfect Date

Steven Walker | The Perfect Date

Beautiful flowers, a compelling conversation over a cocktail and enjoying a sunset together - What could be better?

Enjoying that memory every time you walk into a room.

Steven Walker has captured The Perfect Date on canvas in his latest collection of 16 new original oil paintings. These paintings show his eye for capturing beauty, whether that's a lowcountry landscape, a decadent still life or a grouping of beautiful flowers.

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One of Steven Walker's favorite surfaces to paint on is Aluminum. Watch the video below to see his process for preparing this unique surface for oil paint.

"My surface of choice is aluminum dibond/epanel.  It's a solid polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.  It's a substrate that is used for most outdoor signage.  It's light, durable, doesn't warp and can resist moisture.  I lightly sand down the plastic surface just enough to reveal the aluminum.  Then I apply a few coats of Sherwin Williams DTM (Direct-To-Metal) bonding primer to each side.  I sand between layers and apply a final coat of gesso.  Then it's time to paint.  I've been using it for about ten years now without incident (knocking wood)." - Steven Walker