The Florence Academy of Art

A brief introduction

The Florence Academy of Art is an art school located in central Italy. Started by an American painter, Daniel Graves in 1991, the Academy focuses on teaching in the  classical-realist tradition rooted in the 19th century, but also addresses the creative and professional position of the artist in a contemporary environment. The school is a branch of the International Academy of Fine Art and is recognized as a certificate program by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. 

The Academy provides students with the opportunity to explore distinctive aspects of their chosen subject through the development of considerable powers of draftsmanship, direct study of works of the Old Masters and a deep, practical understanding of the materials and methods of the artist.  By this means, and through the resulting identification of clear artistic objectives, students acquire creative self-confidence, visual understanding and subtle and precise powers of description.

On Realism: Fall 2020 Invitational Art Show

This year's November show focuses on the talent of the Principal Instructors at the Florence Academy of Art.

Shop their work below and see the whole show here.