Allison Hull Gallery Director

Allison Hull, Gallery Director

Allison Hull has been the Gallery Director for Hagan Fine Art since she moved to Charleston in 2013. A Louisiana native, Allison is a graduate of Louisiana State University with BFA’s in Art History and Printmaking.

Allison’s career in the art world began after transitioning from special collections archivist for the Historic New Orleans Collection to work for the Edgar Degas Foundation. After moving to New York City in 2000, she went on to become the archivist and collections manager for a number of prominent artists and private collectors, finalizing her time in the City to work for Christie’s international auction house. 

In her spare time, if she’s not in her backyard tending to her garden, chickens or honeybees, she is in her printmaking studio or collaborating with her poet husband on projects combining poetry with printmaking.

From her Art History studies, Allison has a passion to learn and share the stories behind the artists and their work. From her career in the arts, she has a keen eye in finding the right pieces that pair cohesively for your personal collection.

Natalie Meredith Gallery Assistant

Natalie Meredith, Online Marketing Specialist

Natalie Meredith joined the Hagan Fine Art team in October 2017, supporting our gallery operations and strengthening our online presence.  She moved to Charleston for the second time after traveling around the United States with her Naval husband.

Natalie received her BFA in Drawing from Ball State University in 2011.  Her education and natural artistic talent have guided her career into the creative world of graphic design and social media marketing.  She has also created her own independent artistic presence with her feline portrait painting and finely detailed knitting patterns.

In 2019 she had a baby and moved again, to Virgina where she is able to dedicate more of her time to making a wonderful online shopping experience.

Karen Hewitt Hagan Gallery Owner and Artist

Karen Hewitt Hagan, Gallery Owner & Artist

Karen Hewitt Hagan has taught plein air painting in Charleston, Italy, the Bahamas, and France. Along with painting and traveling, she has a passion for representing artists from around the globe and helping them connect in meaningful ways with fine art lovers both near and far. Karen earned a degree in Advertising and spent 20 years in media and marketing before opening her gallery in 2010.  To learn more about Karen visit her Full Bio page, or to peruse through her body of original oil paintings, visit her Collections page.


49 Archdale
Charleston, SC 29401



49 Archdale
Charleston, SC 29401
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