Alice Williams: The Romance of France

November 1 - November 30, 2019

Alice Williams: The Romance of France

Alice Williams is returning to the states with a wonderful new body of work. Her paintings are highly collected here and abroad. Her bright colors and beautifully expressive brush strokes make her work effortlessly timeless. You don't want to miss this visit!

Join us for the opening reception Friday, November 1st 5-8pm

Alice Williams paints, laughs, gardens, and lives with an ease and awakened wonder that infuses the very fibers of her canvas and inspires every stroke of her brush.

Taking in an Alice Williams painting is a meditation; transporting, comforting, inspiring, and revealing. Luring one in ever more deeply with its color play and thoughtful composition. Her rhythmic strokes delightfully blur the sharp edges of reality and take the viewer into a lovely, timeless, secret world they never knew they were missing.

Check out the sneak peak video HERE.

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