Resonate: Spring 2021 Invitational


The Spring 2021 Invitational

In curatorial collaboration with HFA artist Amy Dixon, Hagan Fine Art celebrates the month of May with this Spring Invitational. We are excited to introduce our collectors and friends to six talented and well-noted abstract and contemporary artists. This unique group of artists brings their own individual styles - offering energy, serenity, wit, and beauty. We hope you'll find their works as mesmerizing as we do!

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your vision with us, not only through your own inspirational work but also through your choices in fellow artists' work.


AMY DIXON - Show Curator

Amy Dixon approaches painting much as she does her life: intuitively with free expression. Her works are as vibrant as her personality and collectors fall in love with the large colorful canvases almost instantly. 

In collaboration with the Hagan Fine Art Team, Amy Dixon has curated a collection of her favorite contemporary artists to present to our collectors. Read more about each below and sign up for our newsletters to be the first to shop the show.




Anna Carll began her career as an illustrator and graphic designer with a background in art history. In 1999 she decided to pursue her painting and now has work in collections all over, including notable hotels. Her work combines painting, collage and mixed media.

"My abstract work is based on the exploration of the cycle of life through nature and the constant push/pull of urban life within that natural cycle." - Anna Carll



Paul Norwood, who grew up on the coast of Maine and decided early on that he'd rather paint the sea than fish from it. His geometric shapes help abstract the scene and calm the mind while his aggressive handling of paint mimics the raw energy of his subjects.

"I'm constantly striving to spend less time with each painting. To represent form with fewer brush strokes and a simpler palette. To rely on the mind's eye to do the work for me." - Paul Norwood




Marissa Voytenko is an abstract encaustic painter. Creating for her is a spiritual practice where she seeks to paint images that are thoughtfully created. Her texturally complex encaustic pieces reveal a history of layers in her work. She aims for a restrained beauty in her work that is saturated with meaning.



Victoria Eubanks is an encaustic artist who's love of the medium shows in her colorful and expressive pieces. After 30 years of designing and creative directing, Victoria stepped away from her computer to pursue a more tactile interest in fine art.

"I delight in the physicality of making. Bring on the heat guns, torches, printing plates, wipers and scrapers of all kinds, odd kitchen utensils, pottery tools, pointy mark-makers that are designed for other uses; they are all at home in my studio." - Victoria Eubanks




Grace Carol Bomer's concern is the human condition surprised by the grace of God. Her love of the physicality of oil paint and was and her spontaneous process create abstract painting rich with themes of pilgrimage, love, and sacrifice.

"My paintings combine abstraction and realism because both the visible and invisible world are real. I incorporate images, a line of poetry, embedded papers, or wax and paint to create metaphors that point to this invisible reality." - Grace Carol Bomer




Evelyn Davis-Walker is a maker, an educator, a graphic designer, and a social engaged art activist. With a background in graphic design and an eye for beauty, Evelyn creates thought provoking works in mixed media and encaustic.

"I look to examine overtly blatant as well as invisible forms of idyllic pressure placed on family caretakers (of all forms). My goal is to convey a sense of honesty and transparency (and even a dash of humor) regarding the unattainable expectations placed on housewives of the past. - Evelyn Davis-Walker