Mary Edna Fraser: Nature's Tapestry hung in the gallery.

Pictured left to right: Glistening, Sacred Waterway, Comet West, Arial Lace.

Hagan Fine Art Gallery is proud to announce the opening reception for the show entitled. “Mary Edna Fraser: Nature’s Tapestry.


For the month of August, Hagan Fine Art will unveil a new type of show—one almost entirely on silk—entitled “Mary Edna Fraser: Nature’s Tapestry.” As a multimedia fine artist, Mary Edna Fraser creates monumental aerial perspectives of Earth in her signature medium of original batik silk hangings. The artists also works in oil on canvas and HFA will showcase a selection of those original oil paintings in this show. Fraser is a well-known activist, speaker, and environmental educator, which has translated into creating pieces that embrace the concepts and practices of conservation and stewardship. 

Mary Edna Fraser: Nature's Tapestry hung in the gallery with artist.

Pictured left to right: Night Swim, Moonrise.

“There’s a life force in these pieces, possibly due to the intense emotion and goodwill that is at their very core,” says Karen Hewitt Hagan, Gallery Owner. “They are special and powerful and should be experienced in person. We are honored to mount such a groundbreaking exhibition in the artist’s own hometown.”

Mary Edna Fraser photographs from the open cockpit of her family’s vintage airplane. She says - “The wind in my face translates to batiks on silk, distilling the day’s adventure into a moment of visual poetry as layers of wax and dye create an expansive interplay of vistas that offer meditative prayers for the planet. Flying and photographing threatened regions is my passion.”

As an artist and gallerist, Karen Hewitt Hagan sees change both as a fact of life and an inspiration for creativity—and welcomes it with a sense of expectation for what it can bring to the offerings at Hagan Fine Art. With the gallery’s recent move to a new location at 125 Church St., that anticipation is mirrored in the fresh and exciting roster of new exhibitions coming up at Hagan Fine Art Gallery.

Mary Edna Fraser in her studio.

It’s thrilling to get glimpses into our artists’ studios and witness bits of their process as they make magic with their unique, creative spirts. I feel honored to have a gallery space that welcomes such innovative creation.” – Says Hagan 

Art lovers will be able to meet Mary Edna Fraser at the exhibition on Friday, August 4th and view and discuss her creations from 5pm until 8pm at the CGA Artwalk in Hagan Fine Art’s new gallery space at 125 Church Street. This charming historic building is located one block from the Dock Street Theatre in Downtown Charleston, SC.


Mary Edna Fraser’s exhibition will showcase 7 of her new mesmerizing large scale silk batiks and  12 of her original oils. The thread that ties all of Mary Edna Fraser’s lifes’ work together is environmental stewardship. Nature’s Tapestry will be on display at Hagan Fine Art Gallery from August 1st until August 28th.


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