"The Carnival scenes were painted live, en Plein Air. A large part of the creative experience for me is to be fully engaged in the sights, sounds, smells, lighting and action of these amusements.

They are traveling memories. It amazes me to think an empty lot or field becomes a total town in just a few days!... They remind me of my own childhood." 

- Joe Gyurcsak

"Nocturnes intrigue me, they are a close kin to my interiors. In the dimly lit scenes it is the absence of light that creates interesting abstractions... where forms drop off and the viewer completes the visual experience by filling in the void spots, this type of viewing experience becomes especially engaging." 

- Joe Gyurcsak

"Upon approaching Cherry Point, I was immediately struck by the fleeting light on the shrimper boats and how the warm light contrasted against the violet blue shadows cast on the boat yard. As the light diminished, I painted the second scene which created a silhouette of the boat against the evening sky, there are figures on the dock and a few amber lights which make the scene quite intimate for the viewer." 

- Joe Gyurcsak

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