Actually our gallery! We were honored to host a meeting between Kevin and Steven Walker. These two talented artists hit it off and had a great time discussing each other's work. 

"One of the pleasures I have had on my plein air excursions and travels to judge shows, is to meet other artists and to share the art spirit. Plein air artists in general are a fine fraternity that encourages and inspires each other to learn and share.

Upon my first encounter with Steven Walker in Apalachicola, I knew we had a lot in common. I was drawn to his work as he was painting shrimp boats on location. It is  apparent that his skills as a commercial artist gave him the fundamentals and technical skills to communicate his impressions of nature. I too come from a illustrator's background and education and I believe this gives us an advantage, as we have been trained for years in the language of art and now can more clearly share our vision intuitively. Steven tackles difficult subjects with ease because his drawing and value foundation is so solid. I especially love the rich colors he captures at sunsets. He opens my eyes to many of the lowcounrty scenes and presents them in unexpected compositions."


- Kevin Macpherson

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