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I've been working in my studio on larger pieces this winter and things are shifting a bit. Those of you who know me know that my core is Plein Air Painting. Working out of doors has been one of the best and most satisfying tools I've ever discovered on this fabulous journey.  And I'm super excited that I will be leading a plein air workshop in Italy this June. I still think the best painting inspiration lies in nature and I just can't wait to get there and work on that delicious landscape en plein air.  By the way, there may be one spot left in the June class. Email me at if you'd like to go. 

But... This winter as I've been exploring, reading, experimenting, taking a few painting classes (in areas way outside of my comfort zone) the new paintings are starting to show up. I believe wholeheartedly that if you court inspiration it will shower you with ideas.

Below are several of my new paintings - these are original acrylics. (I usually work in oil). 

It's a really different approach for me to work so loosely with a theme, like flowers or fields or far away houses to where the theme becomes almost a whisper of the beginning idea. To just let the design of the painting take over has been fun and freeing. 

Have a spin around, let me know what you think of the shift. And if you're exploring or taking new classes and finding new ways of creating, I'd love to hear from you. 

Wishing you an inspirational day!

- Karen

I had in mind to do something neutral with these two (above). I think I may have missed the neutral mark but I like how it turned out. 


I 've been experimenting with analogous color schemes lately (three colors that are next door neighbors on the color wheel) then adding some black and white. It adds a harmony to the piece when the colors are limited.  It's pretty amazing to discover how many colors you can come up with using a limited palette.  

These two (above) came from a photo my neighbor gave me of a Manatee that he saw swimming at the dock. It started with a line drawing on watercolor paper, then some color variations of that idea, still on watercolor paper. The swirls of the water and the large dark mass of the manatee body were my theme.  I know, it does not look much like a Manatee, but that's what got me started on this idea. 


 I combined it with some stripes that just came out of my head. At the end, I put the two pieces together and connected a few of the lines so they could be used together. 


Below are some of the tiny sketches on watercolor paper that I did in preparation.  The funny names come out of my head sometimes and I just jot them down to save them so I won't forget. They may be future seeds of inspiration for new paintings... 


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