On Realism: Fall 2020 Invitational


This special collection of works from Principal Instructors of the Florence Academy of Art was curated by Tanvi Pathare, a graduate of, and now the Principal Instructor of Intermediate Advanced Drawing and Painting at the Florence Academy of Art. Hagan Fine Art has been proud to represent her and share her work with collectors for the past 5 years.

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Tanvi Pathare - Principal Instructor - Intermediate & advanced painting

Curator of the show

All of the works are an individual expression of these artists' work, but the red thread that connects them all is their ability to transcend life around them into moments of timeless beauty. I am fortuante to call them my colleagues and friends."

Tanvi Pathare

Daniel graves - Founder & Academic Director

Daniela Astone - Director - Intermediate Program

Maureen Hyde - PRincipal Instructor - Intensive Drawing & Intermediate

Melissa Franklin Sanchez - Director - Workshop PRogram

vitaliy shtanko - Principal instructor - advanced painting