Daniil Volkov

Daniil Volkov

Daniil Volkov was born 1974 in Yalta, the son of renowned Ukrainian artists with an ancestral history of painters going back to the court of Imperial Russia.

In 1989 he entered the Crimean art school named after Samokish and it was here that he met his future wife Elena, also a distinguished artist. He graduated in 1989 and his first solo exhibition was held in Yalta in 1995. Furthering his education, he studied at Moscow State University. In 2001, Volkov returned to Yalta where he has been living and working since, specializing in capturing the beauty of the Crimean landscape in his own distinctive lyrical style.

Interview with Daniil: (in his own words, unedited)

“I think that in the history of painting, Impressionists have reached the highest expression in the art.

They work with the color and texture of the paint and graphics. They have something to learn. It is the Impressionists that started to focus on working with color. Paint, using a subtle color relationships.

Very much I love to write different states of nature, especially morning and evening. They are the most saturated color.

It seems to me that you can write on the nature all around. Beautiful places around us always. Just do not notice them all. It often happens when you go in search of a motive, and you cannot find. And when you find, you will start to work, is from the same place you see another one, and then another. Opens perception. And write without stopping, one after another.

Very much I like small size. It's very simple. A huge number of advantages. Starting with the fact that it is very easy to wear, do not need to carry a bunch of huge canvases easels, etc. If you want to grasp the state of nature, need to be fast and mobile. You go, see, and behold in less than a minute as you are already working. The state of nature is subject to change at an astonishing rate. And the artist must be ready, both morally and technically.

That is, all equipment must be designed in advance not to not to waste a second. Possibly mastehin (mastehin - This is such a metal spatula for mixing paints. You should know) selected for the small size that he does not need to rinse as a brush, and allows you to make a clean mixture of colors.

Not to be confused with the sketch and painting. Problem sketch is to convey the state, what stopped you, fascinated, getting through to the core. Details are not as important as the mood. Not necessarily a "draw" to the end, cover the entire surface of the canvas. Excess of loading and can spoil the freshness of the work.

I like them as landscapes and still lifes. Any direction is wonderful. The only minus this lack of time. Because a good job requires persistence and a long preparation. For landscape and still life need different skills and techniques of painting. And only in the process of starting to discover them for yourself.

I'd like to still pay attention to the portrait. But for now it remains a dream for the future.”

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