Angela Powers

Angela Powers

"In my work, I am looking to evoke a feeling: beauty, sensuality, romance, sassy, sweet, etc. …..and my favorite subject is the female form.  I may paint in a classical or contemporary style depending on the feeling I am trying to evoke.  My gestural figures are more impressionistic and painted “alla prima”, all at once. These simple gestural figures with minimal, but thoughtful brushwork are influenced by my love of painter Modigliani  and typically lean toward a more modern feel.  My larger pieces are usually more detailed working in a more  traditional manner with many layers of paint and have a more romantic, sensual, and traditional feel. I am most interested in evoking an emotion and having a painterly quality.  I love to paint.  Period!" -- Angela Powers


Angela Powers has been painting her whole life.  She grew up on 200 acres of blackberries and woods in Middle Tennessee...Leipers Fork.  Her first medium:  polk berries on paper.  The country life was and still is great inspiration.

After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University  Angela began her creative career of painting and selling children's clothing at art fairs and to boutiques followed by mural painting and pet portraits.  In 2003 Angela, John and their three kids moved to New Albany, Ohio where Angela started and ran art camps and an art school...Purple Dog Art Studio.  With over 100 students attending each week little time was left for personal painting.  After selling Purple Dog in 2012, and her youngest off to college, Angela's art blossomed.   She now devotes all of her time to art and travel.

While running Purple Dog Angela studied art at Columbus College of Art and Design and participated in many workshops with well known artists  in the states as well as in France and Italy.  Her art has been influenced by many:  Modigliani, Picasso, Cezanne, Degas, Monet...all of the impressionists and their movement.  Angela's work is very loose and "painterly".  Angela has studied portrait and figure painting at the Florence Acadamy of Art in Italy.

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