Alice Williams

Symphony in Red, 2019
Original oil
34 x 24 in (86.36 x 60.96 cm)
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"Symphony in Red" is a medium format vertical original oil painting on canvas by American artist, Alice Williams. Having moved to the Provence region of France many years ago, Alice brings her world of France into your home in the wonderful style of French Post-Impressionism. Bold reds dominate the canvas as sunlight breaks through the shaded outdoor deck. Step through the French doors into your own little piece of France.

"I have painted several scenes of my friend Bernadette’s fabulous Villa Saint Louis’s chambre d’hote. And why not!? Every room there is a work of art created by her late husband who was a famous interior designer in Aix en Provence. This particular scene is from her bedroom looking out on the veranda. The sumptuous drapes and carpet with their rich colors enhanced by the sunlight streaming in was made for a painting." -- Alice Williams on "Symphony in Red" There is no mistaking an Alice Williams painting. Post-impressionist in style for over 40 years, she makes it look easy, but that perfectly unfinished, relaxed precision is the result of a lifelong love affair with the arts and dedicated study with many of the great American artists of our time.

She studied Fine Arts at Columbia College, Furman University, and Clemson University in South Carolina, then went on to study under Al Green, John Howard Kintsler, and Albert Handel, to name a few. It was in Atlanta that she found the great Russian painters (and brothers), Constantine and Roman Chatov, who quickly became her most influential teachers. | Charleston, SC 29401 | 843.901.8124 |

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Symphony in Red by Alice Williams
Symphony in Red by Alice Williams

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