Anastasia Dukhanina

Sunflowers in the Studio, 2019
Original oil
32 x 28 in (81.28 x 71.12 cm)
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"Sunflowers in the Studio" is a medium vertical original oil painting on canvas by Russian artist, Anastasia Dukhanina. This delightful painting measures 32 x 28 inches and is framed in a dark frame with antiqued silver liner measuring 35.25 x 31.25 x 1 inches. Anasastia takes a different approach to a still life, inviting you into her studio. Beautiful sunflowers reminiscent of Van Gogh's stand nobly on a side table, some petals starting to drop, while the artist has set aside her book, brushes and paints. Wonderfully textured, Anastasia combines Russian Impressionist with French Impressionism to create a timeless painting for you.

The art of Anastasia is like a diary of her life. She paints city and countryside, forest and architecture, still lifes, interiors and the people around her. She surrounds herself with wonderful characters and objects, and captures that particular beauty in her paintings.

At a young age Anastasia's nanny observed that she loved to draw. Upon hearing this, her mother enrolled her in an art school at the tender age of 7. She considers this moment the start of her artistic life. With an art career in mind, at the age of fifteen she left public school to begin attending the Art College. There she found herself in a wonderful environment of interesting and great teachers and artists. After the Art College Anastasia realized that she wanted to continue her education in the Art Academy of St. Petersburg to improve her skills in drawing and painting.

After searching for her own unique style, Anastasia found that nothing attracts her more than the modern reality that surrounds her everyday life. Anastasia is married to French artist, Antonin Passemard.

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Sunflowers in the Studio by Anastasia Dukhanina
Sunflowers in the Studio by Anastasia Dukhanina

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