Tanvi Pathare

Original oil with Gold leaf
59 x 39 in (149.86 x 99.06 cm)
Framed in a gold floater frame. Framed dimensions: 50 x 38 x 2 in. 'My work revolves around the idea of human emotions and experience. I believe as we travel through various stages of our lives, we experience a myriad of emotions. I'm inspired by this a lot. I use the human figure as a vehicle, to express the above. Playing with the idea of composing realistic figures with a more abstract or surreal space and background. This gives the viewer the opportunity to interpret the painting in their own unique way. Im inspired a lot by Klimt, and Art nouveau, hence their influence is evident in my work. I like richness and a luxurious quality in art, while still staying close to reality. I hope and strive with my work to transcend the viewer into an experience of infinite beauty, empathy and honesty.'

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