Alice Williams

L'Etude en Bleue
Original oil
23.50 x 32 in (59.69 x 81.28 cm)

"There are some scenes here in Provence that I keep going back to for inspiration and repeatedly paint. Either the subject is very important to me in our new life in France or the subject matter needs repeating. The village of Lourmarin painted from the back side of the village is one of those. Being able to set up easily is most important and there are several olive trees in a public field which I can stand under in the heat of the day, be out of the way of tourists, and paint to my heart’s content. For these reasons, I have painted our village many times in all seasons and weather. And it never disappoints. This particular rendition was painted during a demonstration for a workshop given here in Provence." - Alice Williams

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L'Etude en Bleue by Alice Williams
L'Etude en Bleue by Alice Williams

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