Olessia Maximenko

Goat Palm Heart , 2019
Original oil
30 x 24 in (76.20 x 60.96 cm)
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"Goat Palm Heart" is a medium size vertical original oil painting by Siberian artist, Olessia Maximenko. This painting measures 30 x 24 inches and is framed in a dark floater frame measuring 32 x 26 x 2 inches. A unique perspective to paint a palm tree, the artist chooses to paint from below looking up at a close up perspective of the heart of where the palm fronds grow. If you're wondering about the title, Olessia finds much inspiration when taking day trips to visit Goat Island in Charleston County (SC). Olessia brings the brushstroke of classic Russian Impressionism and combines it with turn of the century Fauvism to create a captivating southern country road scene. Peaches, pinks and oranges show the light cutting thru to shine on the fronds while purples and greens create shadows and shaded areas, making this a wonderful example of her talent.

A Siberian native, Olessia was born in 1980 in a small village, called Komsomolsk-on-Amure, in communist Russia. Maximenko’s parents both worked at the same factory all their lives building military airplanes. Since she was a little girl, Olessia has always loved art and began at a very young age drawing with colored pencils. At age ten, Olessia started formal training at an art school near her home town where she graduated with honors, at age 15, before setting off on her adventures. This original background has given Olessia her very own and very unique perspective.

Olessia moved to the United States over a decade ago, and has focused her attention on the wonderful southeast landscapes and charms, particularly of coastal South Carolina and Georgia.

“I am inspired by gorgeous Charleston sunsets and moon light, magical giant oak trees covered with flowing Spanish moss, magnificent palm trees, horse carriages among old historic buildings and southern churches in my beloved, unique, and historic downtown Charleston!” – Olessia Maximenko

Framed in gold floater: 32 x 26x 1 in.

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Goat Palm Heart by Olessia Maximenko
Goat Palm Heart by Olessia Maximenko

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