Mary Hoffman

Family Tree
Original oil
48 x 60 in

Framed in a dark frame. 52 x 64 x 2 in.

"This century-old Oak is so large that just one of its branches would be a large tree in and of itself!
While I developed this painting, I imagined the things witnessed by this ‘ages old’ giant. It survived numbers of hurricanes, wars, and the South Carolina summer heat. It developed strength through these hardships while also providing a place of refreshing shade. This behemoth was a playground to a family of 9 children where, after long hours in the hot summer sun working the farm, its branches magically transformed into imaginary ladders leading to the high dive for a jump down into the cool tidal creek below. During the evening hours, its branches became theater seats for them to enjoy the magnificent lowcountry sunset.
Just as this tree survived many untold hurricanes and troubles throughout the years and decades, the family who grew up under the shadow of these branches has overcome untold troubles and are each stronger and better because of them.
The children are now grown and have raised families of their own. Some have moved on and some remain, but what continues is the strength and resilience that provides the kind of memories which develop their own ‘Family Tree’." - Mary Hoffman
Family Tree,c_fit/gx07gv5nevdi9w60btfz.jpg
Original oil
Mary Hoffman
Family Tree by Mary Hoffman