Tanvi Pathare

A Prayer, 2019
Original oil
12 x 12 in (30.48 x 30.48 cm)
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"A Prayer" is a small format original oil painting on wood panel by Artist Tanvi Pathare. Painted in traditional Italian Renaissance style, the artist chose to painting in the unique round shape known as a Tondo painting (round or oval shaped paintings). This 12-inch diameter painting is framed in a custom-made black frame with antique silver lining, bringing the dimensions to 14-inches in diameter. An exquisite painting is a perfect example of Italian Renaissance. The artist captures the flickering candle light in a small antique urn she found at a sleepy antique shop she regularly visits in Florence. Counter balancing against the dark grays of the backdrop, the artist uses a branch of Silver Dollar pods to brighten the painting, giving the symbolism of sincerity.

"In many cultures across the world, a prayer is said by lighting a flame. It is a symbol of hope for better times. In India where I’m from, its a similar tradition, and it usually has an offering as a flower in front of this flame. This antique asian candle holder seemed to bring this composition together. The spiritual quality of the painting, asked for it to be composed in a classical circular format, to help give it a sense of eternity." -- Tanvi Pathare on "A Prayer"

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, Tanvi Pathare showed a growing interest in Fine Arts since a very early age. Encouraged by family, she began her art education at the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts (Painting) with outstanding grades, topping the University. Tanvi presently works in a studio space in Italy and is a principle instructor with the Florence Academy’s Drawing and Painting Program.

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A Prayer by Tanvi Pathare
A Prayer by Tanvi Pathare

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