Amy Dixon

Amy  Dixon - Mystery of Grace

Mystery of Grace

Original mixed media  
50 x 62 in

Framed in Silver Floater Frame. Framed Dimensions: 50.25 x 62.25 in.

“My passion is painting. It’s in my DNA. The process of painting, defining and redefining my voice on the canvas has been an intuitive and authentic journey for 35 years working professionally as an artist…and counting. Direct observation of everyday life and a simple awareness of the world around me fuel ideas that “poof” into my head and then translate to the canvas. Inspiration and energy and friendships are endless and for this I am grateful. Whether the art is a loose representation of an actual object or an idea that connects with the soul…color, form, mood, light, music, conversation, dreams and travel… all are an integral part of the dialogue with my paints and the canvas. I am a firm believer that in order to be a successful abstract painter, one must have the underlying draftsmanship of drawing. Concepts are a fine balance of push and pull, color and light, exploration and letting go of fear and often times putting myself out of my comfort zone as a mode of impulsive growth. We cannot be anyone other than who we are and God is always ever present & a vast amount of spirit guides.” - Amy Dixon

$ 6,700.00

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