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Y  Jewels

Y Jewels

Y Jewels Description

Gemologist & Jewelry Designer,Yvonne Gillis of Y Jewels

Custom designed semi-precious natural stones with
fine white diamonds beautifully set in 18 karat yellow gold
and 18 karat white gold.

Start your collection! Start with a top or a necklace, than add a drop for every anniversary, birthday or special occasion.

Y Jewels Statement

From the Designer:

I created my line for women who wanted versatility in their jewelry collection.

It's a simple add-on concept. From TOPS to MIDDLES to DROPS, its easy!

Choose the earring TOP fisrt, then add-on the DROPS, or for a longer version, add-on a MIDDLE.

Your look goes from simple to smashing in an instant. 

A simple hook system holds the DROPS securely in place without any tools.

Once you have a pair of TOP earrings, you can change their look dramatically by adding various MIDDLES and DROPS.

For even more versatility, I offer a Necklace that can be worn alone or with the DROP of your choice.

  – Yvonne

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