Alice Williams

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Alice  Williams Le Salon ApresMidi
Alice  Williams Le Chambre Bleue II
Le Chambre Bleue II
36 x 36 in
$ 7,900
Alice  Williams Dinners Ready_ table_ chairs_ people_ purple_ read_ original oil room
Dinner's Ready
21 x 18 in
$ 3,100
Alice  Williams Old Market Mauritius_ colorful_ original oil_ women_ busy
Old Market, Mauritius
32 x 32 in
$ 6,800
Alice  Williams Blue Bay Mauritius_ original oil_ blue_ ocean_ boats_ palmtrees_ beach
Blue Bay, Mauritius
24 x 35 in
$ 6,200
Alice  Williams Lavender Fields I_ lavender_ purple_ field_ original oil_ landscape
Lavender Fields I
30 x 40 in
$ 7,500
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Alice  Williams

Alice Williams

Alice Williams Biography

Known for her strong color and composition, Alice Williams has been creating charming interiors, landscapes and figurative paintings for more than forty years. Williams’ style is reminiscent of the Impressionists yet uniquely her own with a modern-day appeal. Her paintings have a striking immediacy as she brings to the viewer her own world of cozy interiors and cottage garden scenes, many of which were painted on location right in her own home. 

Alice Williams grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and studied Fine Art at Furman University and Clemson University. She has also studied with many well-known artists including Chatov, Shank, Kintsler and Al Green. 

Williams’ work is not only intensely personal, but rich in subject matter. Living in Europe from 1986 to 1990 and returning frequently, she has painted extensively throughout France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Holland and England. Her beloved Kenya and Tanzania have inspired many of her most memorable paintings. She currently lives in Provence, France.


Alice Williams Statement

"I am here on this earth to create. Not only create, but express the beauty I see around me. I feel responsible to render it. I cannot help it. I see the beauty. I am compelled to show it, to interpret what I see and how I see it; to express the warm light from a lamp that enthralls me, the coziness and clutter of a room with all that one person has accumulated over the years, the glint on the edge of a cup, the distortion that only age can render on a rooftop that is now that way because of centuries of wear and tear. What does it matter? It matters not to many… But somehow it matters to me." –Alice Williams

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