Brett Weaver

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Brett  Weaver Passage_ original oil_ art_ fine art_ clouds_ landscape_ marsh_ scenery
24 x 36 in
$ 4,600
Brett  Weaver Clouds_ original oil_ art_ fine art_ clouds_ landscape_ marsh
12 x 12 in
$ 1,400
Brett  Weaver Still Life With Lemons_ original oil_ art_ fine art_ still life_ lemons_ yellow_ red_ vase
Still Life With Lemons
9 x 12 in
$ 1,100
Brett  Weaver Passing Clouds_ original oil_ fine art_ landscape_ clouds_ marsh
Passing Clouds
24 x 24 in
$ 3,400
Brett  Weaver Evening Reflection_ art_ fine art_ original oil_ sunset_ marsh setting_ trees_ water
Evening Reflection
24 x 24 in
$ 3,400
Brett  Weaver Charleston Boats_ art_ fine art_ original oil_ boats_ nautical_ marsh
Charleston Boats
6 x 8 in
$ 800
Brett  Weaver Marsh Sublime_ art_ fine art_ original oil_ dark_ marsh scene_ night time
Marsh Sublime
16 x 12 in
$ 1,800
Brett  Weaver Early Riser_ original oil_ art_ fine art_ marsh setting_ dusk_ dawn_ trees_ water_ scenery
Early Riser
36 x 36 in
Brett  Weaver Evening Glow_ art_ fine art_ original oil_ marsh settings_ sunset
Evening Glow
14 x 16 in
Brett  Weaver Folly Cats_ Original oil painting_ paintings_ artwork_ art_ fine art_ Impressionism_ sail boats_ beach_ lowcountry_ landscape_ landscape paintings
Folly Cats
24 x 30 in
Brett  Weaver Over the Top
Over the Top
14 x 11 in

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Brett  Weaver

Brett Weaver

Brett Weaver Biography

Brett Weaver is a nationally recognized artist who focuses on preserving impressions of the natural landscape as it is rapidly diminishing.  After being professionally trained as an Engineer, in his late twenties Weaver left his secure career for a more fulfilling life as an artist. He now travels extensively nationally & internationally, painting on location and completing studies to feed his studio work in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Weaver paints in a very bold and honest representational style. His work was honored with a one man show at the Tennessee State Museum in December 2008. 

Selected awards include; Award at the 11th Annual Carmel Arts Festival. Selected among ’21 under 31’ emerging artist in the Sept.04, Southwest Art Magazine and he won Plein Air Magazine’s Award of Excellence, Spring 05.   "Brett Weaver bears a strong resemblance to those early great impressionist  who captured the spirit of the American landscapes from the Catskills to the high desert of New Mexico."    

- Mary Unobsky,  Tennessee State Museum.


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