Antonin Passemard

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Antonin  Passemard Gloomy Day in the Swamp
Gloomy Day in the Swamp
15.5 x 19 in
$ 1,325
Antonin  Passemard Low Tide_ nautical_ boats_ impasto_ plein air_ fine art_ original oil_ french artist_ blue_
Low Tide
16 x 20 in
$ 1,325
Antonin  Passemard Blooming Orchard_ floral_ trees_ orchards_ french artist_ plein air_ fine art_ original oil_ white_ bright_ happy
Blooming Orchard
16 x 20 in
Antonin  Passemard Ravieres Sunset_ blue_ green_ landscape_ original oil_ sunset
Ravieres Sunset
27.6 x 35.4 in
$ 3,900
Antonin  Passemard The White Frost_ blue_ forest_ original oil_
The White Frost
23.6 x 31.9 in
$ 3,050
Antonin  Passemard Forest Floor in Spring
Forest Floor in Spring
24 x 30 in
$ 2,975
Antonin  Passemard Path in the Forest
Path in the Forest
27.5 x 35.5 in
$ 3,000
Antonin  Passemard Autumne_ landscape_ forest_ yellow_ green_ impasto_ fine art_ original oil_ French artist_ plein air_ trees_ fall_ woods
20 x 28 in
Antonin  Passemard Dry Sunflowers
Dry Sunflowers
17.75 x 22.75 in
Antonin  Passemard Forest River
Forest River
19 x 23 in
Antonin  Passemard Just Before Dark
Just Before Dark
19.75 x 27.5 in
Antonin  Passemard Warm Spring Day
Warm Spring Day
19.75 x 27.5 in

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Antonin  Passemard

Antonin Passemard

Antonin Passemard Biography

Antonin Passemard started to study painting in the art school in his home town of Auxerre, France. Then he continued his study in the Académie des Beaux Art of Paris France to later study philosophy of art in the Sorbonne. His study took him to different studios in America and Russia at the Academy of Art in St Petersburg. Antonin shows his work international and his work his collected around the globe. Nowadays he spend is time working mostly in Europe. 
  • "Plein air in the Rockies 2013" award of excellence. 
  • "First prize" main competition for Boise Plein Air Art competition for "Summer celebration".
  • "First prize" quick draw for Boise Plein Air Art competition for "Capitol"
  • "Honorable mention" Quick draw at Driggs digs plein air 2012, Driggs ID for "Tim kicking it"(people and artist choice)
  • "Honorable mention" Main competition at Driggs digs plein air 2012, Driggs ID for "Fred Millers"
  • "First Prize" Main competition at Palouse plein air 2012, Moscow ID for "The Gypsy Life" 
  • "Artists' choice award" Palouse plein air 2012, Moscow ID for Tthe Gypsy Life"

Antonin Passemard Statement

 "I paint things that are around me, things that belong to my everyday life. My goal is to capture the atmosphere of scene and my emotions towards it. To do so, I paint a lot plein air or on the spot. I feel that I can grasp the big sense of reality better doing so. When I go paint somewhere I like to take my time so I start to belong here. I feel that my work is accomplished when I can transmit my feelings to you." --Antonin Passemard

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